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Kill Linux Processes/Unresponsive Applications Using xkill

How do we kill a resource/process in Linux? Obviously we find the PID of the resource and then pass the PID to the kill command.

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How to Configure and Manage firewalld Rules in Linux

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add, remove, enable, and disable firewalld rules & zones.

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How to Install WebERP on CentOS 8

This tutorial will show you how to install webERP with Apache and Let's Encrypt SSL on CentOS 8.

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Build your perfect gear bag with Brightline modular bags

NEWS – While surfing for cool stuff to share with all of you, I stumbled upon Brightline Bags, and wow. Where have these bags been all my life? I’ve often fantasied (yes, I’m a bag geek, so don’t make fun of me) about making my own gear bag with the perfect layout and number of …

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Fedora 34 Review: Impressive Performance and Stability with Cutting-Edge Linux

Arindam:  "Here I put down my experience with Fedora 34 overall in its workstation edition."

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‘Incredibly Beautiful And Bright’ Young Woman Found In Pieces Inside 2 Duffel Bags In The Woods And There Is A Reward Being Offered For The Video Of Her Murder

Carina Saunders was a 19-year-old living in Mustang, Oklahoma. She lived with her parents and her 8 siblings. She had beautiful, long hair and piercing bluish-green eyes. Her family explained in her obituary that they selected her name, which means “dear little one,” because they felt it was such a perfect fit after she was […]

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Officially Transitions to Extended Security Maintenance

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is still supported by Canonical until April 2024.

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