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Thursday, Dec 05th

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Focus mode comes to Android to limit distracting apps

The big problem with owning a smartphone is that every temptation is just a finger tap away -- ooh, Twitter! -- making it hard to knuckle down on a single task. Earlier this year, Google promised to remedy this with "Focus mode," a new tool that stop...

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Genius sues Google for $50 million over 'stolen' song lyrics

Earlier this year Genius announced it suspected Google of copying its lyrics data -- now it's thrown its weight behind a lawsuit accusing the company of exactly that. According to Genius, lyric licensing company LyricFind pulled lyrics directly from...

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This amazing Godzilla Christmas tree breathes smoke

Crafted from four fake Christmas trees, chicken wire, green mesh, and a fog machine, Treezilla -- a smoke-breathing Godzilla tree -- is really something to behold! Its creator, Steven Newland of New Zealand, recently sold it in auction for $415 NZD (approx. $269.58 USD). A bargain! It's really something. Watch it in action: And, apparently, Steven is going to reveal his latest Christmas tree masterpiece soon, according to the questions and answers section of the auction. We have a xmas revealing party at mid December with mates for this years tree. I don't want to give it away, but we now have a 10month baby so now I have a prop

Man builds video store in basement

This man replicated a 1990s video rental store in their basement, right down to giant bags of Sour Patch candy, foamboard drop ceiling and a bulky CRT television set. And, of course, thousands upon thousands of VHS cases--all real, with tapes. It looks so exactly like a real 1990s video rental store that you could shoot an indie movie set in a 1990s video rental store in it. The only "missed" detail is one you wouldn't want to replicate anyway: half the store being dozens if not hundreds of copies of the latest blockbuster. I just want to just take a second to thank everyone here for all of your extremely kind comments. It really makes my day each and every time I see someone new comment on how this video took them back to their childhood and reminded them of the fond memories of the 80s and 90s. This project was something that evolved very gradually over time by just accumulating tapes over the years one at a time. When I made this tour video, I had no idea that so many people would find it cool or interesting. It’s mind blowing to me how many views this video of my basement has and continues to get. Thank you for checking out the video and supporting Nostalgia Video! I’m truly grateful! Read the rest

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Cart narcs judge those who fail to return shopping carts

Meet the Cart Narcs, who judge people for leaving shopping carts in irresponsible locations. "It's very discourteous of you, ma'am," says a cart narc in this video, judging a lady for leaving a shopping cart in the disabled access walkway. Ma'am threatens to call the police. Ma'am doesn't have time for this. You don't know what's doing on in ma'am's life. PREVIOUSLY: Shopping Cart Alignment Chart Read the rest

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Aukey Focus Duo 60 Watt Wall Charger Review

REVIEW – Do you have more than 1 device you need to charge simultaneously?  Yeah, dumb question, scratch that.  You want to fast-charge at least two devices at the same time.  Enter the Aukey Focus Duo.  It has 2 ports, sure, but can it get the job done?  Say it along with me: read on …

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And we've come full circle: Carrying straps for wireless AirPods

Seems people are afraid of losing their AirPods, which you may remember are wireless. Well, a company named Tapper is tapping into their fears by offering $60 AirPod carrying straps. Available at Nordstrom. Previously: Prankster puts fake AirPod stickers on city streets (BI) Read the rest

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