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Tuesday, May 26th

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OpenStack Ussuri Enhances Open Source Cloud Platform

The latest release of the open source cloud platform improves life cycle management features

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The name game: Naming network interfaces in Linux

Name your Linux network interfaces like you would your children.

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Vent-Con 2020 To Discuss the State of Open Source Ventilators

Next Thursday, May 21st, Public Invention will be hosting Vent-Con 2020, a virtual mini-convention focused on open source ventilators and the related learnings and developments that have transpired over the past few months with the Covid-19 pandemic. The three hour online event provides an interesting program that looks at the […]

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The post Vent-Con 2020 To Discuss the State of Open Source Ventilators appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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Dissecting the free command: What the Linux sysadmin needs to know

Discover details about your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system's unused memory with the free command.

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How To Find Linux System Hardware Information With Hwinfo

There are many programs available to find the hardware information in Linux. T

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systemd-tmpfiles - Managing Temporary Files & Directories

An in-depth look at the service and path units that make up systemd-tmpfiles and the configurations that ensure your system runs smoothly and stays clean

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How to Find Active SSH Connections on Linux

 Learn the different ways to identify SSH connections.

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