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Astrea ONE water bottle review – Fights pollution two ways!

  REVIEW – Municipal water is, sadly, no longer guaranteed to be safe from pollutants and poisons from pipes and groundwater leaching. Many folks I know use filtered pitchers in their fridge to take care of the impurities, but those things take a good while to seep through. Plus, they aren’t portable. Enter the Astrea …

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Man Spends $5 Million Dollars In PPP Loans On Luxe Vacations And Luxury Cars Like This Ferrari

38-year-old Mustafa Qadiri from Irvine, California, applied for PPP loans last year, and authorities are now saying he faked his way to getting his hands on $5 million dollars. Mustafa falsely said he had four different businesses he ran out of Newport Beach. All American Lending, Inc., All American Capital Holdings, Inc., RadMediaLab, Inc., and […]

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Learn about I/O Redirection in Linux

Here's how to change the standard input/output devices when executing a command.

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She Used TikTok To Expose The Abusive Boarding School Her Parents Ran

In 2006, Amanda Householder’s parents opened up a religious boarding school in Humansville, Missouri called Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding School. The school that Amanda’s parents Stephanie and Boyd Householder created was supposed to help turn around girls on the path of rebellion, but it turned out to be nothing but a nightmare. […]

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If You’re Living In Leggings Right Now, Check Out These Amazing Ones On Amazon Under $23

I’ve always been a total leggings aficionado, but I’m absolutely living in leggings right now. If there’s nowhere to go, why bother putting on real people pants or jeans? If you’re right here with me and living in leggings too, you need to check out these amazing ones on Amazon that you can get for […]

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The Top 5 Open-Source Microsoft 365 Alternatives for Linux

It's a well-known fact that Microsoft 365 is the default productivity solution for many companies and its range of features is truly impressive. But is Microsoft 365 your only option? (Hint: No.)

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Her Adult Boyfriend Still Plays With Toys So She Donated Them Without Asking Him And The Internet Says She Has No Heart

A pregnant woman in her 20s says her boyfriend (also in his 20s) still plays with toys and it really bothers her. So, she donated all of his toys without asking him so she could make room for their baby on the way, and the internet is telling her she has no heart for what […]

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