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Horace Goes Copyright Striking

The collapse of Atari SA exposed a vast trove of obscure game brands that it left to rot. For the new owners of old characters, the law—and YouTube—offer powerful tools to dispose of unwanted fandom.

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Senate bill would block US companies from storing data in China

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) wants to make it illegal for US companies to store user data or encryption keys in China. He also wants to prevent Chinese companies from collecting any more info from American users than is necessary to provide th...

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Linux Check User Password Expiration Date and Time

Nixcraft: How do I check the user account password expiry information on Linux?

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Sony patent may show a familiar-looking controller for the PS5

While Sony is still about a year away from releasing its next-generation console, we may have just gotten an early look at the device's new controller. Newly published images by Japan's patent office that were first spotted by VGC may provide some cl...

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Sidewalk Labs' quiet plan for Canada's banks to manage a national digital ID for health care and housing

[I'm delighted to welcome Lilian Radovac back for another excellent piece on the digital surveillance shenanigans in Canada, which aren't always as showy as their stateside counterparts, but are every bit as worrying. In this piece, Radovac reveals the buried plan for a finance-sector managed, all-surveilling National ID card buried in the latest massive wedge of largely unread documents from Google spin-out Sidewalk Labs (previously) that is building a controversial, privatised city-within-a-city in Toronto -Cory] In Sidewalk Toronto news, Sidewalk Labs has finally released its Master Innovation and Development Plan Digital Innovation Appendix. As with the 1,524 page MIDP before it, there's a lot to read in the DIA but a few excerpts already stand out.

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California is suing Juul for allegedly targeting minors

California is suing e-cigarette maker Juul. The lawsuit alleges that Juul targeted underage Californians with its marketing and sales practices, failed to warn consumers of their exposure to chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects, failed to pro...

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W Command in Linux

w is a command-line utility that displays information about currently logged in users and what each user is doing.

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