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5 reasons why you should develop a Linux container

If you've shunned containers in the past, these five advantages will make you rethink containerization.

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She Vanished Shortly After She Moved To San Francisco For College And Was Last Seen Near The Golden Gate Bridge

In August of last year, 19-year-old Sydney West moved to San Francisco, California, to attend UC Berkeley. Sydney spent her childhood growing up in Pleasanton, California along with her family before they made the move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina when Sydney was a teenager. Following her high school graduation, Sydney decided to take a […]

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Pedco UltraPod 3 tripod review

REVIEW – For serious photographers, and casual Instagrammers, a tripod is a mandatory piece of equipment if you want to get that special shot.  Carrying a big, heavy tripod isn’t always an option.  What if there was a small and light, packable tripod with the strength to hold a real camera load?  Pedco, a division …

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LEVEL8 Elegance Carry-On Luggage review

REVIEW – We didn’t travel much in 2020 due to COVID; instead, we chose to be cautious and hang out at home a lot.  Hopefully things will look better in 2021, especially if these vaccines work well.  If they do, then we’ll definitely take a vacation or two.  Maybe we’ll head down to Myrtle Beach, …

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Create a MAN page for your own program or script with Pandoc

A MAN page is documentation for a software program or script, created in the groff typesetting system - here's an easier way to make one.

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Xfce 4.16 Desktop Lands in openSUSE Tumbleweed

Xfce 4.16 brings many goodies for fans of the lightweight desktop environment, including fractional scaling, dark mode for the Panel, CSD support, and more.

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The Home Directory Will be Private in Ubuntu 21.04, What Does it Mean?

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