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Tuesday, May 26th

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Linux 5.8 Prepped To Make Use Of TPAUSE Instruction With New Intel CPUs

Phoronix: TPAUSE is the new instruction supported by Intel's Tremont microarchitecture and beyond.

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Keep your AirPods ready to rock with this charging dock from Satechi

NEWS – Check out this cute little wireless charging dock for your Apple AirPods from Satechi. It features a USB-C connector so that you can plug it into your MacBook, or even your iPad Pro to keep your earbuds ready for use. This charger has been designed for Apple AirPods Pro, Gen 1, and Gen …

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Chrome 83 is rolling out and full of changes big and small

Chrome 83 is now rolling out to Windows, macOS, and Linux with Chrome OS 83 on the way next week.

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VANKYO Leisure 410 [2020 Upgraded] Mini Projector review

REVIEW – When I was younger I had a projector instead of a TV.  I loved the larger picture, but as a heavily used living room TV it was far from ideal: any light in the room detracts from the picture, the constant fan noise was annoying, and the unit broke after less than a …

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Linux desktop org GNOME Foundation settles lawsuit with patent troll

The Register: Shotwell case ends with Rothschild Patent Imaging backing off for good

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Your Guide to Virtually Maker Faire

Q. What is Virtually Maker Faire? Virtually Maker Faire is a 24-hour online event, consisting of online video sessions and a curated collection of maker projects, many of which were developed in response to Covid-19. LIke any Maker Faire, it is a showcase of what people are doing right now, […]

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How to Install Kernel Updates On Ubuntu without Rebooting

Finding a downtime window to install security patches in order to handle kernel or operating system vulnerabilities can be difficult.

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