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Tuesday, Nov 19th

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BMW's i4 electric sedan will boast a 373-mile range

Ahead of its official debut of the vehicle sometime in 2021, BMW has shared new details and images of its upcoming all-electric i4 sedan. According to the German automaker, the i4 will feature a new 80kWh capacity battery with a maximum range of 600k...

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Android-x86 Project Finally Lets You Install Android 9 Pie on Your PC

Android-x86 9.0 has recently entered development, of course based on the Android 9 Pie (android-9.0.0_r50) operating system

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Massive leak of Chinese government documents reveal the "no mercy" plan for Muslims in Xinjiang

The New York Times has received a 403-page leak of internal Chinese state documents related to the ethnic cleansing effort in Xinjiang province, which has seen the creation of more than 500 concentration camps where Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities have been subjected to torture, rape and medical experimentation. Though it's not clear where the leaks originate from, the Times speculates that they were released by Chinese officials who are upset with the authoritarian measures and attendant human-rights abuses. The contents of the leaks support this theory, as much of the material deals with the microeconomics of the regional Chinese officials who implemented the ethnic cleansing program. The story begins with a wave of terrorist attacks in the region in 2014, most notably a train-station stabbing attack with more than 150 victims. This prompted an internal hard-line speech from president-for-life Xi Xinping, who argued that a virus-like contagion of Islamic extremism had infected people from the region. Xi argued that China should learn from the American hard line on terrorism and use the "organs of dictatorship" to root out Islamism, showing "absolutely no mercy." Xi compared the political currents in the region to the independence movements in the outlying regions of the USSR in its last days, when "ideological laxity" and "spineless leadership" allowed the Soviet empire to be shattered. In 2016, Xi's vision was supercharged by a change in regional government, when Chen Quanguo was put in charge of Xinjiang; Chen had previously been the hard-line official in charge of Tibet, and had been responsible for the systematic human rights abuses there. Read the rest

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How to crack a $300 fingerprint gun safe in a few seconds

The LockPickingLawyer has a new video, in which he defeats a fancy biometric biometric fingerprint gun safe in a few seconds using a "jiggler" key. <em>Image: YouTube</em> Read the rest

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Snapchat fact-checks political ads where Facebook won't

Snapchat may have another way to compete against rival apps like Instagram: truth in advertising. Snap chief Evan Spiegel told CNBC in an interview that his company has a team that fact-checks all political advertising -- a sharp contrast to Faceboo...

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Tech companies won’t become banks, but they’ll pretend to

Silicon Valley has already eaten plenty of industries, from camera and newspaper businesses to watches and even flashlights. Now, Big Tech appears to be turning its attention to banking. But don't expect Facebook or Google to launch their own banks....

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No one believes Prince Andrew's explanation about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

In a BBC interview, noted playboy Prince Andrew said he regrets visiting the home of of his friend Jeffrey Epstein after Epstein had been convicted for sex crimes against minors. But the reason he went to Epstein's house for four days, explains the Prince, is because he wanted to end their friendship in person. Everyone thinks this excuse, and almost everything else he says in his well-rehearsed answers, is a load of codswallop. Read the rest

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