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Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 Released for Ubuntu Phones with NFC Support, Many Improvements

According to UBports, NFC support can allow app developers to implement the ability to read and write NFC tags.

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How To Use Nmap? A Comprehensive Guide: Basics to Advanced

Learn about Nmap, a free, open-source network scanner.

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They Were Filming The News When They Stepped In To Rescue A Stolen Dog

This past Friday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a city located in the Boston metro area, someone left their 13-month-old German Short Haired Pointer in their parked car. While they were gone, a man broke into their car and stole their dog. “Yesterday at approximately 12:32p, an unknown suspect broke into and entered a vehicle that was […]

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Display Linux Kernel Module Information with modinfo Command

This brief guide explains how to list the currently loaded kernel modules using lsmod, and how to display Linux kernel module information with modinfo command.

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Qt5 Markdown Editor Ghostwriter 2.0.0 Released with New Markdown Processor, New Sidebar

Ghostwriter, a Qt5 Markdown editor, has been updated to version 2.0.0.

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Julie’s favorite gear, CONTRE Swan two-way radios, Proscenic A9 Air Purifier, and more – Review updates

REVIEW UPDATES – Today we have six updates. One update is from a review that was posted earlier this week and another one is as old as 2016. Why do we do these updates? I think it’s important to revisit our past product reviews to let you know how well these products continue to work …

Julie’s favorite gear, CONTRE Swan two-way radios, Proscenic A9 Air Purifier, and more – Review updates Read More

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Cheerleader Found Stabbed To Death In The Woods And A Teen Is Being Charged With Her Murder

Tristyn Bailey was a 13-year-old girl living in Saint Johns, Florida. She attended Patriot Oaks Academy, and she enjoyed cheerleading. She celebrated her 13th birthday in January. Several months ago, Tristyn was part of her sister Brittney’s wedding. She would have been getting ready to enjoy her summer vacation soon, but instead, her life was […]

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