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Goal Zero Venture 75 Power Bank review

REVIEW – Since long-distance travel has been off the table for a while now, I’ve been making plans for shorter, closer-to-home trips. Inevitably, those trips involve long drives and off-the-grid locations. My usual EDC battery packs work fine to keep my power-hungry travel devices fed, but I have to pack three or four if the …

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Influencer Uses His Platform For Good And Helps Raise More Than $70K For An Airport Pianist In Need

Atlanta, Georgia. Influencer Carlos Whittaker is an author, podcaster, and speaker with a pretty large following on Instagram. Carlos has more than 221,000 followers on the social media platform, and he frequently posts photos and videos about his life with his family or things to help motivate and inspire his followers. On July 21st, Carlos […]

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Dog Moms Beware: These Dog Foods Have All Just Been Recalled Because They Could Hurt Your Best Friend

Dog moms, beware! These dog foods below have all just been recalled because they could potentially hurt your best friend. Sunshine Mills, Inc. is now recalling several of its products after they discovered high levels of something called Aflatoxin. “Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring by-product from the growth of Aspergillus flavus and can be harmful […]

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“Perfect Little Girl” Passes Away After A Rock Shattered The Windshield Of Her Family’s Car And Hit Her

Malad City, Idaho. 10-year-old Kambrie Horsley went to Malad Elementary School, and she enjoyed school. In her free time, she loved surfing, dancing, and skiing. She was the middle child and thrived on being involved in everything her family did. Kambrie was driving in the car with her dad on Monday when a semi-truck in […]

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How to Use lsof Command in Linux to List Open Files

Have you ever had the file in use error? Learn how to use the lsof command in Linux to view open files and the processes using them. The post How to Use lsof Command in Linux to List Open Files appeared first on Linux Today.

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She Went Missing Shortly After Having Brain Surgery: Where Is Dawn Sherrill?

Anadarko, Oklahoma. 55-year-old Dawn Sherrill recently had brain surgery performed after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Not long after her surgery, Dawn ended up going missing, and now it’s been over a week since her loved ones have seen her or heard from her. It was July 21st at approximately 7 p.m. that Dawn was […]

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How to Use Lynis Linux Security Audit Tool on Ubuntu

Lynis is an open-source security auditing tool for extensive scanning of systems and its security defense to achieve compliance testing and system hardening. This article will help you to install Lynis from its official package repository and audit the system security in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS systems. The post How to Use Lynis Linux Security Audit Tool on Ubuntu appeared first on Linux Today.

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