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Citrix allows you to run Win32 apps on UWP-only Windows 10 S using virtualization

Windows 10 S is known for running only Windows Store apps, thereby excluding most legacy apps. Citrix, however, has a possible solution, allowing users to run Win32 apps via a virtual machine. Read more...

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Trump switches from Android to an iPhone with only one app: Twitter

According to a recent report, after becoming President of the United States, Trump has handed in his older Android smartphone in lieu of a more secure iPhone, with only his favourite app accessible. Read more...

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User concept shows what a Fluent Design-inspired Windows Resource Monitor could look like

A Reddit user inspired by Microsoft's Fluent Design vision recently shared his concept of what the Resource Monitor would look like if Microsoft decides to grace the Win32 tool with a revamped design. Read more...

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Raspberry Pi and CoderDojo joining forces to get more kids programming

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and the CoderDojo Foundation are coming together to drastically increase the number of young people that can be reached with the latter's coding events. Read more...

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It's official: Google's AlphaGo has won all matches against world's number one Go player

AlphaGo, developed by Google's DeepMind AI division, has defeated the current world number one Go player in all three matches played during the "Future of Go Summit" in China this week. Read more...

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Apple opens new store in Singapore

Apple has opened a new store in Singapore. It's called Orchard Road and has some fascinating characteristics including twin Castagna staircases, and a canopy to protect from the tropical sunlight. Read more...

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UK's TV Licensing says some Amazon Prime users need to buy a license

Amazon recently added options to live stream TV channels in the UK. Following this, the TV Licensing agency has reminded users that a license is needed to stream TV as it is being broadcasted. Read more...

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