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Wednesday, Oct 17th

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CodeSOD: The Generated JavaScript

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Once upon a time, I discovered a bug in some JavaScript. I went off to investigate the source, only to find… the JS wasn’t coming from a file. It was being generated by a server-side method. Through string concatenation. It was a simple generation, something along the lines of:

jsCode += "location.href = 'foo?id=" + someIdField + "';n";

Bad, but a minor WTF- and the bug was caused because someIdField contained characters which needed to be escaped. It was actually unnecessary, and I could construct the logic completely on the client-side, which is what I ended up doing in that case.

I bring that tale up, because Konstantinos T has a special case of anguish.

function droppy(droppy_id, max_files) {
    var droppy = new Dropzone(dropzone_name, {
        init: function() {
            this.on('addedfile', function(file) {
                var edit_button = '<?php ob_start();
                $include = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo str_replace(PHP_EOL, '', str_replace("'", '\'', str_replace('"', '"', str_replace("/", "/", str_replace('__script__','script',$include))))); ?>

Here, we see a client-side JS variable named edit_button. Stare at the variable initialization. What you see before you is a dank abyss, a gaping hole with a bottom so deep that the bottom may as well not exist. Here, we stand at a precipice.

The value of edit_button comes from PHP code, executed on the server-side. The actual template comes from an external PHP file, dropzone_edit_button_template.php. But that template, the result of all the other methods called here, returns a string that may not be safe for JavaScript, like my simple bug above. Thus, the chain of str_replace calls, nested one within the other.

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