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Man kicked off flight for wearing gas mask

A man was kicked off an American Airlines flight Thursday after putting on a gas mask and refusing to remove it. Other passengers began to "panic", according to reports, and the flight was delayed an hour until he was kicked off. Joseph Say posted a photo of the masked man on Twitter. Mr Say said he initially thought the gas mask was related to the new coronavirus, which has killed 259 people in China. "But then I noticed it didn't have the filter, so that didn't really make sense," he added. "What we heard from the lady sitting next to him was he said he wanted to make a statement. I don't know what the statement was," Mr Say said. @AmericanAir , Just FYI flight 2212 to Houston was delayed an hour because you let this guy on the plane wearing a gas mask. This then panicked people on the plane and we had to wait for him to be escorted off. @abc13houston @KHOU @HoustonChron @KPRC2 @FOX26Houston #trainbetter — Joseph D S❄️ (@ThePlatypusesTX) January 31, 2020 Read the rest

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Take your gaming to the next level with these Nintendo Switch accessories

The latest Nintendo Switch console is undeniably awesome, but these nine best-selling and top-rated accessories will take your Switch gaming experience to the next level. From wireless controllers to projectors, you're sure to find something here that will change the way you play for the better. 1. 8BitDo® SN30 Bluetooth Gamepad (Red) MSRP: $30 | Sale Price: $24 (20% off) Play your favorite games in unparalleled retro style with this Game Boy-inspired Bluetooth gamepad that comes in a variety of colors. 2. Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter MSRP: $60 | Sale Price: $40 (33% off) Connect your favorite wireless headphones to your Switch for a more immersive, wire-free gaming experience with this simple audio adapter. 3. Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case MSRP: $60 | Sale Price: $40 (33% off) This charger case will give your Switch twice the battery power when you're on the move—ensuring that you’ll never have to take a break from your favorite games. 4. Wireless Controllers for Nintendo Switch MSRP: $50 | Sale Price: $38 (24% off) These unique controllers will dramatically expand the functionality of your Switch, by allowing you to customize and configure each button and control. They even feature an accelerometer and gyro-sensor for added awesomeness. 5. GameCube Controller Adapter For Wii/PC/Nintendo Switch MSRP: $20 | Sale Price: $10 (50% off) Play your Switch (or even your Wii or PC) with the convenience and functionality of a GameCube controller with this external adapter. 6. Nintendo Switch Dual PokeBall Charging Dock MSRP: $15 | Sale Price: $10 (33% off) Charge your Switch in style with this PokeBall dock that offers a sleek and stylish design along with overcharge protection for your gear. Read the rest

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Here's how to plan for a trip to Japan

I've been to Japan at least 8 times, so I feel like I am pretty good at knowing what I need to do before I go. This video, "Must-Do Things Before Flying to Japan" has a number of useful tips, like how to book a good restaurant in advance, how to get a SIM card, how to book tickets to Disneyland, how to get a rail card, how to get a visa (most countries give you 90 days with no visa required), and which medications not to bring with you. Read the rest

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New machine learning algorithm produces "near-perfect" fake human faces

Face-synthesizing algorithms often struggle with facial details like eyes and teeth. These features sometimes get pinned to a fixed spot as a head turns, resulting in an uncanny valley dweller. A new algorithm, StyleGAN2, fixes this problem and produces "eye-poppingly detailed and correct images." It can also generate never-before-seen cars, churches, and animals. Image: YouTube Read the rest

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Personal tents for airplane passengers to avoid coronavirus

A few years back, my brother Rick Pescovitz came up with Under The Weather Pods, single-person pop-up shelters. You may have caught Rick on Shark Tank (video below). Rick was sick of getting soaked at his kids' soccer games and was inspired by a portable toilet he saw by the field. Under The Weather Pods are designed for watching sports, fishing, and other outdoor events where it's raining, windy, or cold, but you are either obligated to watch or having so much fun you don't want to leave. As travelers are taking unusual steps to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, from wearing water jugs on their heads to covering themselves in plastic tarps, my brother thought to see how his StadiumPod, meant for seated spectators at sports games, would work on an airplane. He tells me the flight attendant happily took his photo and that the man who sat next to him didn't even bat an eye. Stay safe out there! Under the Weather Pods Read the rest

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The Root on that PETA ad, the NFL, and frustration with it all

Michael Harriot's take on why the NFL rejecting PETA's ridiculous ad is so notable is the best I have read. ...On one hand, PETA gentrifying the movement for social justice by likening the “human prejudice of fur coats, trained circus tigers and ribeyes” (yes, they actually said that), to the institutional racism that permeates America is despicable but expected. It’s just the next logical leap from Black Lives Matter to White and Blue Lives Matter. We know that whites are always gonna white, especially at the Super Bowl. I’m sure, somewhere in the PETA office, there’s someone explaining that “this is what MLK would have wanted.” On the other hand, I am not on the NFL’s side either. The NFL might contend that they don’t want to invite such a divisive political statement during the most-watched television event of the year. But you know what else is white as fuck? The Donald Trump ad claiming America is stronger, more united and more prosperous, which is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl. Or the $11 million Michael Bloomberg ad that will air during the Super Bowl. Or—and I just like to list things in groups of three—perhaps the whitest of them all: The Super Bowl itself. So, yes I’m conflicted. I can’t decide if my position of “Fuck PETA” is strong enough to overcome my “Fuck the NFL” stance. It’s like watching that time when white supremacist Richard Spencer lamented that Donald Trump isn’t racist enough. Or if Chris Cilizza played a game of Stupid Jeopardy! Read the rest

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Enjoy this Star Trek fan's delightful "Ode to Spock" recorded after the Vulcan's film death in 1982

In 1982, Susan "Sulu" Dubow recorded "Ode to Spock," her terrific musical response to the Vulcan's death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Dubow will be familiar to fans of Dr. Demento's radio show of odd music -- dozens of her songs were played on the program. The following is from Dubow's mini-autobiography on IMDB. What a fun and creative life! Sulu, Susan Denise Lubin Dubow, was born in Chandler, Arizona in 1956 and acquired her name while performing on the Dr. Demento Show. She has received numerous awards for her songwriting and began writing poetry as a young child at Calvert Street School in Woodland Hills, California. Her sixth grade teacher informed her parents that she should pursue her talent which she did. Sulu begun winning poetry and songwriting contests beginning at age 13. She also took classes in dance, drama,improvisation, guitar and piano to overcome her shyness.Sulu, an avid fan of the Dr. Demento show while in college in 1976 began submitting songs to Dr.Demento in 1976. Shortly after that songs such as "I Love Your Toes,"and "Locked in the Closet" were popular on The Top Ten and eventually became "1.Sulu was asked to join the live show in 1977 where she became a sidekick. She performed with Dr.Demento in venues such as The Pomona Fair and The Wolf and Rissmiller Country Club continuing to write nearly 100 songs that were aired on the Dr. Demento Show.Sulu also wrote jingles and performed them on KABC's Ken and Bob Show on KABC Talk radio in the 80's and 90's and for Sports Talk KABC. Read the rest

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