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Mi 5c is the first smartphone to use Xiaomi's own chipset

After wowing the crowd with the gorgeous Mi MIX last October, Xiaomi is now back with a more humble phone but with a twist. The new Mi 5c is the first smartphone to carry Xiaomi's very own chipset, the octa-core Surge S1, and it's hitting the Chinese...

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Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 computer with WiFi and Bluetooth

Although major Raspberry Pi announcements are very few and far between, you know that when there is one, it's worth paying attention. Take for example the Raspberry Pi Zero -- the $5 (£4) board that apparently came out of nowhere in October 201...

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Samsung leader will be indicted for bribery and embezzlement

Following his arrest, Samsung Vice-Chairman Lee Jae-yong will be indicted on charges of bribery, embezzlement and two other crimes, according to Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. It's the start of legal proceedings that could put Lee in jail for...

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Pilot whose drone knocked a woman unconscious gets 30 days in jail

Paul Skinner, an aerial photographer whose drone knocked a woman unconscious, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and slapped with a $500 fine. Skinner flew a two-pound 18-by-18 drone in 2015 to cover the city's Pride Parade. Unfortunately, the mac...

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Rise in Arctic Ocean acid pinned on climate change

Climate change isn't just manifesting in polar regions through ice cracks. Researchers have learned that the Arctic Ocean saw a rapid rise in acid levels between 1994 and 2010, most likely from airborne carbon dioxide (aka a greenhouse dissolving int...

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Lead an army of cartoon heroes in Epic's latest game

Epic Games announced Battle Breakers, its new free-to-play title for mobile and PC, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The game looks like a Saturday-morning cartoon, complete with larger-than-life characters and a huge, cinematic so...

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One billion hours of YouTube are watched every day

It's easy to track YouTube's most popular metric: Check the counter below any video to see how many times it's been played. It's harder to know how long viewers watch, which YouTube staff started tracking years ago. Today, those stats passed an auspi...

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