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Airbnb officially bans all 'open-invite' house parties

Airbnb has confirmed that it will ban all "open-invite" house parties, the company said in a blog post. It also will provide a "clear and actionable enforcement framework" for other issues including excessive noise, unauthorized guests, unauthorized...

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Upcoming 'GTA: Online' heist targets the Diamond Casino

GTA: Online's Diamond Casino & Resort is set to become a more exciting place, starting on December 12th. Rockstar is rolling out The Diamond Casino Heist that day, which it describes as the "biggest, most audacious, most complex criminal operatio...

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Riot Games is expanding 'League of Legends' universe with third-party titles

Riot Games plans to release more titles to expand the League of Legends universe, but the company won't be making those entries itself. It's teaming up with independent third-party studios under a new publishing label called Riot Forge, which it says...

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The National Archives preserve JFK assassination bullets with 3D scans

The 56th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination is later this month. Early next year, you'll be able to see, in almost nauseating detail, the bullets that took his life. The National Archives will upload high-definition 3D images of...

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Uber's first safety review contains thousands of sexual assault reports

Over the last few years Uber -- among other ridesharing services -- has been accused of failing to respond adequately to reports of sexual assault and other crimes linked to those on its platform. Now the company has released its first safety report...

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Qualcomm teams up with 'Pokémon Go' developer to make AR glasses

Qualcomm didn't only reveal its new and more powerful chip for extended reality headsets at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, it also announced its partnership with Niantic. The chipmaker and the Pokémon Go creator have teamed up to create reference...

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YouTube Music can handle gapless playback on the web and Android

Gapless music playback, the hot old-is-new feature when Spotify and Google Play Music added it on some platforms in 2012, is finally widely available to YouTube Music subscribers. Listening to playlists or albums with nary a pause between tracks is c...

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