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Talk to Cortana even when your Android phone is locked

Windows Phone is basically dead, but that hasn't kept Microsoft's excellent voice assistant Cortana from finding a home on mobile. Cortana has been available on iOS and Android for a while now, and users of Google's mobile OS will find that the app h...

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'Wilson's Heart': Inside Oculus' new psychological thriller

You come to as thunder crashes overhead. Streaks of lightning illuminate the room through gaping holes in the building's blown-out facade as you begin to take in your surroundings. But before you move on to the more pressing matters of why you're wak...

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Uber resumes self-driving car tests following crash

Uber's freeze on self-driving car tests following the Arizona crash was very short-lived. The ridesharing firm tells Engadget that it's "resuming our development operations" in San Francisco as of this morning -- you should see test cars back on the...

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The best Galaxy S6 and S7 trade-in deals

Whether you're itching to get your hands on the Galaxy S8 or you want to upgrade to another phone, you might be thinking about trading in your older Galaxy S7 and S6 phones. To help you make that decision, we've rounded up the trade-in values for di...

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iPad bomb threat led to recent device ban on flights

When the US and UK banned people from carrying large devices aboard flights originating in the Middle East and northern Africa, they only made vague claims about this being in response to threat reports. But just what were those threats, exactly? W...

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Fitbit's new sleep-tracking feature works well (most of the time)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that getting enough quality sleep is important for your well-being, The growth in the number of devices offering sleep-tracking features in recent years shows that companies are catching on. But sleep is a diffi...

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MakeVR turns the HTC Vive into a virtual design tool

Consumers are giving the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive a tepid reception, but organizations like NASA and BMW think the VR headsets are great for things like training and design. HTC is today launching MakeVR, a program built in collaboration with Sixense...

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