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Collectibles : Star Wars TIE Fighter 1/72 Model Kit

Must have been part of a convoy. Usually TIE Fighters don't stray too far from their base when they're in space, but for you, they'll make an exception. This little guy is willing to relocate if it's promised some bookshelf-front real estate. $27.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars Maz Pin

(Actual size.) Celebrate the 4 foot tall pirate powerhouse of Takodana, Maz Kanata, with this pin. Here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we thought there wasn't enough Maz merchandise, so we set about making this pin. We made her goggles dimensional, because we could. $14.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars AT-AT 1/144 Model Kit

We've got no strings to hold us down. We've reached the main power generators; the shield will be down in moments. Did you expect any other outcome with these marching on your bookshelf? $47.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 1/72 Model Kit

Red 5 standing by. Amazing how much damage small, one-manned fighters can do when you put your mind to it. Your first reaction may be, "what good is a starfighter going to do against that?" - to which we say two words - "exhaust ports." $27.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars Slave I 1/144 Model Kit

Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold. Slave 1 has been on many a bounty mission with Boba Fett. And while you may not be traveling all over shooting people while you fly on your jetpack (well, heck, if you are, more power to you), this ship model will still serve you well. $37.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1/144 Model Kit

Fastest plastic model in the whole galaxy. A ship this small can't have a cloaking device, and why would it need one? This beauty shouldn't be hidden away in a corner. The Falcon deserves to be displayed proudly for all to see. $49.99

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Toys & Games : Star Wars 40th Anniversary Plush Sets - Exclusive

May the Force (of hugs) be with you. Each one is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and crafted by only the finest plush-clone engineers Kamino has to offer. They are huggable and throwable and small enough to hide in a backpack or on your desk. $59.99

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