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Tuesday, Jan 16th

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Collectibles : Bat-Signal Spotlight Prop

There must be trouble in Gotham City! To call Batman, you'll need a Bat-Signal. You're in luck; we have a Bat-Signal right here. With this working prop replica, you can attempt to get your favorite right now by swapping out the Bat symbol on the face. $299.99

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Toys & Games : Rick & Morty Portal Gun

It's got no charge left, Morty! The great thing about this Portal Gun is that when it runs out of charge you can just pop in some more batteries. Would have been nice if the real thing worked that way when Rick was trying to smuggle in those Mega Seeds. $14.99

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Collectibles : Funko VYNL Rick and Morty 2pk Figures

What up my Glip Glops?! Give the vinyl husks of Rick and Morty a happy new home and a purpose to fulfill: bringing joy to your life! $14.99

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Bags & Backpacks : Hello Kitty House Tote Bag

Who's House? Kitty's House! Carry everything you need for a visit to Hello Kitty's house, and expect a warm reception from Kitty and her family, and friends! They're all peeking out at you from the windows on both sides of this faux leather tote. $84.99

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Clothing : Supergirl Hoodie

The "S" is for sprinkles. Mostly blue, this full-zip Supergirl hoodie features a red waistband and hood, as well as a glitterified Super logo in gold, red, and black ink that's sure to catch someone's eye. $39.99

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Bags & Backpacks : Pokémon Trainer Duffle Bag

The essential "gym" bag. Let Machamp do all the heavy lifting at the gym down the street. You have bigger fish to fry, literally, down in Cerulean City. Just don't forget to pack a couple extra potions in this bag if you started off with Charmander. $79.99

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Bags & Backpacks : Hello Kitty House Ladies' Wallet

Safe in Kitty's home. Your bills, cards, and ID will all be safe as houses, zipped up in this Hello Kitty wallet! Featuring Kitty and her twin Mimmy on one side, and their Mama and Papa on the other, the whole White family is home to watch your stuff for you. $44.99

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