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Accessories : Gudetama Striped Pen Pouch

Let us pencil you in. The bag is created with a gusset in the bottom, so you don't have to lay the bag across your desk - it stands up like a pen cup, which makes it easier to select the tool you're looking for. When you're done, it flattens out so you can tuck it away. $21.99

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Accessories : Rogue One: Death Trooper Glow-in-the-Dark Stud Earrings

These really hit the mark. Death Troopers are superior because whomever they're up against never sees them coming. But you'll see these two for sure. Even in the dark. Black armor with enhancements doesn't mean a thing when you've got green glow-in-the-dark paint on your helmet. $7.99

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Toys & Games : Plush Bouquet - Microbes of Love

In sickness and in health.... In each Plush Bouquet - Microbes of Love, you'll get six plush microbes: Chlamydia, Herpes, and Kissing Disease (2 each, so you can share). Awww. $49.99

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Home & Office : Joker Valentine's Cards

We <3 pranks. Grab one of these Joker Valentine's Cards, write an endearing message, and deliver it. Once your recipient presses the indicated space, either some annoying jazzy Valentine's Day music or kissy noises will play for the next three hours. $9.99 - $10.99

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Accessories : Death Star & TIE Fighter Pin Dot Tie

All dressed up with no Alderaan to destroy. Sometimes you dress up for a night on the town, or sometimes because you just have a job interview. Whatever the case may be, let everyone else know that if you were given the chance, you would crush the Rebellion in one swift stroke. $54.99

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Toys & Games : Supernatural Chibi Plush

What is thy bidding, my master? All three of these boys are no stranger to being out on the road. Hunting all sorts of things that go bump in the night can change a person. Apparently, in this case, change them into something crazy adorable. $14.99

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Collectibles : Star Wars Collector's Gallery Darth Vader 1/8th Scale Statue

On the road again. He's more polyresin now than man. Collectible and awesome. This 1/8th scale figure of Darth Vader bowing to Emperor Palpatine is perfect for any aspiring Sith Lord's collection. $149.99

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