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Sunday, Jun 24th

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Romney's Big Navy Guru Made Millions From Building Ships

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Week In Games: Forza Horizon, Medal of Honor, Silent Hill Movie

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Apple and VMware Team Up to Kill Microsoft Office?

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Brazilian Newspapers to Pull Out of Google News

Brazilian media companies have decided to stop Google from displaying content from their sites on its ‘News’ service after the Mountain View based company refused to pay them for their headlines and news snippets. According to National Association of Newspapers in Brazil (ANJ) that represents 154 newspapers that make up nearly 90 per cent of those in circulation in Brazil, because of Google displaying the news snippets, newspapers’ plans of online expansion and growth are being hindered.

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Heathrow Taxi

The word “mini” sounds really awkward when you refer to a service that can provide you cars as big as an 8-Seater or even a coach. Even if you’re a group of 10, 20 or even 40, mini-cab companies can send you a Heathrow Taxi in order to fit all of you, this being also one of the first advantages that minicab companies have over Black Cabs, where you would have to split in groups.

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Diagnosing ssh problems

Crazy war stories, indeed.

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Team Fortress 2 Beta patch adds files refering to Linux support

Valve has quietly released an update to the beta version of its popular online FPS Team Fortress 2. Among the modified files are some Linux-related files including a hardware driver compatibility list, optimal graphics settings, and a shell script launcher (previously only for OSX, now with a case for Linux as well). Valve has not updated their TF2 beta changelog, but has acknowledged the update in a forum post.

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