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Thursday, Sep 19th

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FDA Recall: You May Want to Think Twice Before Buying These Dog Food Brands!

We always want the best for our pets, and usually we’re super trusting of the brands we buy to feed them. You expect the food you feed your best friend to be safe for them.To be healthy. To provide the proper nutrition. If you’re a pet owner like me and Bre, then you’ve done a […]

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These Honeymoon Destinations Will Excite You More Than The Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, its ends up being both an exciting and somewhat exhausting process. You have to pay attention to every detail, both big and small, to ensure your big day goes according to plan. After planning the wedding comes the fun part – planning your honeymoon! You want your honeymoon […]

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Chip Chick Holiday Picks: Gourmet Gifts For The Foodie On Your List

One of my favorite things to bring you Chip Chick readers are knockout products you can’t help but love. The holidays are no exception, so here are my Chip Chick Holiday Picks, full of all the gourmet gifts that are perfect for the foodie on your list! Everything in my gift guide I’ve reviewed myself, […]

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Surprisingly, These Tech Companies Are Out To Fix The Damaged Daycare System

The daycare system in America is damaged. It’s become such a problem that people are citing the cost of childcare as the number one reason they’re choosing to either not have kids or are having less kids than they want to. The average cost of daycare in America is $10,468 a year, but it’s easily […]

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Gel, Acrylic, Or Powder Dip? We’re Breaking Down Which Type Of Manicure Is Worth It

The manicure culture has seriously come a long way in the past few years. When I was growing up there were no options for what type of manicure you were getting. It was simply just a regular manicure. Nowadays though, I would never pay for a regular manicure because it chips way too quickly. There […]

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Signs Your Sleep Deprivation Is Showing & You Need More Rest

Everyone thinks they can get by on a minimal amount of sleep.Truly, I used to think it would be fine going to bed super later and then being fully functioning for the next day. It wasn’t until this last weekend actually that I realized – I do not function well without enough sleep. I started […]

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These WWE Divas Are Worth How Much? Check Out These Ladies’ Net Worths

Facebook Since the beginning of the WWE, women have served various roles throughout the company. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the company started to refer to them as “divas.” The women who earned this title were either mangers of the WWE Superstars, ring announcers, or wrestlers themselves. In 2016 though, the WWE stopped referred […]

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