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He Ripped Up His Fiancée’s Prom Photo And The Internet Says His Behavior Is Frightening

A man ripped up his fiancée’s prom photo and now the internet says his behavior is, well, frightening. “So, my fiancée’s kept a box over the years of memories and stuff she has. She’s been collecting memories in it since she was like 10,” he started out by saying. “Cute, I guess. Seems more like […]

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Fun And Funky Pool Floats You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $29

If you’re planning on parking yourself by the pool for the rest of the summer, make sure you pick up some of these fun and funky pool floats you can order on Amazon. The best part is, they are all less than $29, and a lot of them are on sale right now for even […]

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She Died After Hiking With A Man She Met Online And Now Her Friend Is Demanding Answers

Phoenix, Arizona. When 31-year-old Angela Tramonte flew out to Arizona so she could meet up with a man she had been talking to online for the past few months, her loved ones were concerned for her. It’s a big step to take flying across the country to meet someone you have never met in real […]

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Missing Woman Tortured In A Mobile Home Before Her Body Was Weighed Down And Thrown In A Pond

Fort Smith, Arkansas. 40-year-old Tara Strozier disappeared over a week ago, after last being seen on July 17th. Tara was a mom of three children, and her loved ones have described her as a beautiful woman who many people adored. She was confident, selfless, and loyal. Tara was driving through Cameron, Oklahoma when she was […]

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Even Though Her Brother Asked Her To Wear Specific Colors To His Wedding, This Teen Showed Up Wearing All Black And Upset Him

An 18-year-old teen has an older 26-year-old brother who recently got married, and even though he asked her to wear very specific colors to his wedding, she showed up wearing all black and upset everyone. The wedding was on the smaller side and was held outdoors. There were less than 100 guests. Her brother and […]

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Young Woman Says She Refused To Let Her Stepdaughter Come Live With Her But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Made A Mistake

A young woman recently hopped online to say that she refused to let her stepdaughter come live with her…but now she’s asking the internet if she made some kind of mistake. “I am a 25-year-old woman. Six months ago, I married my boyfriend of one year, a 30-year-old male,” she started out by saying. “He […]

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Pink Papyrus Review: The Dog Days Of Summer Are About To Get A Lot Chicer

I don’t much love shopping when it comes to myself, but when it comes to my dogs? I can shop until I drop and there’s nothing I enjoy more than spoiling them! Beds, treats, toys, leashes, outfits; you name it, they have it, and I am forever on the hunt for more new and exciting […]

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