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Saturday, Sep 22nd

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Going Green, Saving Green: How Chevy’s Electric Vehicle Fits Into Your Life

I am convinced that we are living in an era of change. I see it all around me; people are trying to live with a higher sense of responsibility and a lower course of impact. Green technology has been on the up and up, and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that people […]

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Bring Your Bubbles On The Go With This Stemless Champagne Flute

Swig was developed by Tracee Mathes in 2017 to combat the problem of insulated bottles and tumblers that just aren’t stylish. I have to agree, she found a solution to the problem and ever since then she’s been making super chic premium drinkware geared towards women. Speaking of women, all the positions at Swig are […]

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Boss Moves: All The Signs That Definitively Point To It Being Time To Fire One Of Your Employees

Being A CEO, a manager, a business owner is certainly no cake walk. When it comes down to knowing when to fire one of your employees, that’s something that a lot of bosses struggle with, but we’re going to fix all that right here and right now. What it all comes down to though is […]

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Keeping Your Phone Out Of Your Bedroom Really Is The Key To Beauty Sleep & I Would Know I Tried It For A Few Weeks

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with achieving an adequate level of beauty sleep. It’s hard for me to stop thinking about my companies at the end of a long day, and it’s hard for me to just shut my brain off. One thing I never really considered until recently is that […]

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Don’t Say I Do Without Asking Your Fiancé These 20 Important Questions About Money

Money is either going to be with you after you say I do, or it’s going to create one heck of a problem for you. We recently discussed the importance of sitting down with your future spouse to discuss your finances before you get married, and it’s high time we address these important questions you […]

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Chatbot Tech Can Absolutely Benefit Your Startup So Let’s Chat About It

Chatbot tech is on the rise, and I’m sure you’ve encountered it in your day to day life. Chatbot tech can benefit your startup, so let’s chat about it. Facebook Messenger is the most accessible and well known chatbot tech on the market right now, and it’s well worth implementing. There’s really no reason to […]

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You Can Now Rent Private Pools With This Website & We’re Not Going To Lie, It’s Pretty Cool

There’s nothing that grosses me out more than public pools. I also don’t love crowds or being around strangers I don’t know, especially in my bikini, and I’m sure you can relate. Well, you can now rent private pools with this website if you don’t already have one yourself, and we’re not going to lie, […]

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