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Tuesday, Nov 20th

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Snip, Snip These Are The 5 People You Need To Cut Right Out Of Your Life In Order To Succeed

In a perfect world, everyone would help support you in your path to success, and I hate to tell you it’s far from perfect out there. At the end of the day, you have complete control over your life and this absolutely extends to who you choose let in, or show the door. It took […]

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The Cyber Monday Beauty Sales You Need To Hit!

Instagram So, you’ve survived Thanksgiving with your relatives and you’re on to the next holiday…Christmas. Getting the perfect present for everyone on your list isn’t easy, or cheap. Lucky for you, we’ve complied a list of the best cyber Monday beauty products that you can score for so much less. Whether its facial moisturizers, or […]

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We Bet You Didn’t Know Alexa Has These Cool Skills

Some people don’t realize that Alexa can do a lot more than just play your favorite music, call an Uber to come and pick you up, and open your garage door. She’s also capable of searching for addresses or turning up the thermostat! If you find yourself wondering “what else can Alexa do?”, we’re here […]

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Your Guide To All The Gifts You Won’t Believe Walmart Has This Black Friday

Sponsored by Walmart and SheKnows Media. Black Friday is a perfect time to start your holiday shopping, so you’re not left with getting it all accomplished last minute! I used to be part of the last minute crowd when I was younger, but I grew into getting good at picking my gifts for my friends […]

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HyVIDA Review: This Bubbly Beverage Packs A Heck Of A Health Punch In One Slim & Sleek Can

I absolutely love sparkling beverages, whether they be water or wine. I could pretty much live on sparkling water, I mean I do go through it like it’s my job, but one thing is for sure I couldn’t live without it! HyVIDA is a bubbly beverage that packs a heck of a health punch, and […]

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Chicks We Love: An Interview With Casey Dworkin, Founder Of Sylven New York & Her Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Chicks We Love! Here at Chip Chick, we love inspiring women to follow their business dreams while giving them the tools they need to make it happen. Chicks We Love is our new series showcasing, well, chicks we can’t help but just love! Get ready to meet some of our favorite exciting female […]

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How Tech Is Helping Couples Plan Their Dream Honeymoon

After months and months of planning every single detail for your wedding, you’re only left with one more decision – where will you honeymoon? It’s becoming more and more common for people not to go on their honeymoon directly after their big day. You still have to go eventually and you don’t want to risk […]

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