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A brain does not work like a computer chip

mybrainhurtsAccording to the BBC, a processor is the brain of a computer, but it seems that the hardware has neuroscientists baffled.

A paper published in PLOS Computational Biology wondered if more information is the same thing as more understanding. Eric Jonas of the University of California, Berkeley, and Konrad Kording of Northwestern University, in Chicago, who both have backgrounds in neuroscience and electronic engineering, reasoned that a computer was a good way to test the analytical toolkit used by modern neuroscience.… Read the rest

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Mark Zuckerburg becomes the evil land magnet

railway trackIt appears that social notworking magnet Mark Zuckerburg has been watching a few too many black and white melodramas and has cast himself as a bad-guy with the big black mustache.

Zuckerburg owns 700 acres of land in Hawaii which he thinks isn’t enough, but has decided he wants more and has filed a lawsuit to force owners of several small parcels of land to sell to the highest bidder.… Read the rest

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3D telly dropping fast

Tigre-3DThe last two telly makers to support the standard are giving up on 3D this year

LG and Sony have decided to kill off the standard this year. None of their TVs, including the high-end OLED TV models, will be able to show 3D movies and TV shows.… Read the rest

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Galileo’s clocks are a bit broken

salvador-dali-persistence-of-memory-clocks-meaningOnboard atomic clocks that drive the satellite navigation signals on Europe’s Galileo network have been failing at an alarming rate.

Half of 18 satellites now in orbit have seen their clocks stop working.

Three are traditional rubidium devices; six are the more precise hydrogen maser instruments that were designed to give Galileo superior performance to the GPS network.… Read the rest

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Tosh takes another kick in the nadgers

Toshiba Corp President and Chief Executive Officer Hisao Tanaka attends a news conference on panel to examine accounting issues in Tokyo May 15, 2015. REUTERS/Issei Kato

Troubled tech giant Toshiba saw its financial crisis deepen as reports suggest that it might have to  book a bigger-than-expected $6 billion writedown on its U.S. nuclear business.

The fear is that any restructuring it does, including the sale of a stake in its chip business will be sufficient to address fix the company. Toshiba has also approached government-backed Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) for help which is a bad sign.… Read the rest

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Samsung boss goes free for now

 downloadA South Korean court dismissed an arrest warrant against the head of Samsung amid a graft scandal that has led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.

Jay Lee, 48, may still be charged as the special prosecutor’s office said it could pursue the case but at the moment he is not looking like he will have to go on an all porridge diet.… Read the rest

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Dutch web developer back-doored his own websites

13.-Hacker-1-696x464A Dutch developer accessed the accounts of over 20,000 users after he collecting their login information via backdoors installed on the websites he built.

Inspector Knacker of the Dutch Yard said that he will be on the blower to the victims about the crook’s actions.… Read the rest

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