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Friday, Sep 22nd

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Usability testing for early-stage software prototypes

Paper-based usability testing is an excellent way to test how well people can use your software before you have actual software to test.

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An introduction to machine learning today

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have changed a lot since the last wave of interest, about 25 years ago.

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GNOME Foundation partners with Purism as its open source smartphone passes $500k in funding

The GNOME Foundation has provided their endorsement and support of Purism's efforts to build the Librem 5

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Linux Kernel 4.12 Reached End of Life, Users Are Urged to Move to Linux 4.13

The Linux 4.12.4 point release is now available for all users using the Linux 4.12 kernel series, but it seems that this is the last maintenance update to be issued for this branch

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How To Find Vulnerable Packages In Arch Linux

Arch-audit is pkg-audit like tool that will help you to find the vulnerable packages in Arch Linux

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A look at some great Linux & SteamOS racing games available in 2017

GamingOnLinux: We've come a long way since SuperTuxKart,

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Temps - A Smart Beautiful Weather App for GNU/Linux

Temps is a beautiful cross-platform weather application that lives in the menu bar of any desktop

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