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Red Hat Responds to ZombieLoad v2 Security Vulnerabilities Affecting Intel CPUs

Red Hat informs on a series of three new security vulnerabilities affecting the Intel CPU microarchitecture, but which have been already patched in the Linux kernel.

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How to find fan speed in Linux for CPU and GPU

 nixcraft: What commands I need to type to find out fan speed for GPU and CPU in Linux?

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Kubernetes: 3 ways to get started

EnterprisersProject: How can you get started with Kubernetes?

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Batch removal of spaces in filenames via the Ubuntu command line

Learn two ways for you to remove spaces from your filenames

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How To Hide Mounted Drives From The Dock On Ubuntu 19.10 (And Newer)

With Ubuntu 19.10, the dock shows mounted volume and device icons by default.

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Leasing routable IP addresses with Podman containers

Container networking doesn't have to be overly complicated

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How To Fully Update And Upgrade Offline Debian-based Systems

 ostechnix: Using apt-offline, we can fully update/upgrade the Debian-based system without having to connect it to the Internet.

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