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Saturday, Mar 24th

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Mozilla's 2018 roadmap shows ad blocking (of sorts) is coming to Firefox

Ads may be central to the running of the web, but that doesn't mean people want to see them. Ad blocking is more popular than ever, and it's something that's been noted by Mozilla. Revealing its 2018 roadmap for Firefox, the company says that an ad blocker is being added to the web browser -- albeit a limited one. On top of this, additional privacy controls are on the cards, as is a tool to block auto playing videos, and a breach alert system. See also: Firefox's 'master password' system can be easily bypassed using brute force You'll be able… [Continue Reading]

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Et tu, Tumblr? Blogging site says it was used by Russia to spread fake news in 2016

When it comes to talk of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election that saw Donald Trump catapulted to power, the focus has been very much on Facebook and Twitter. But now the blogging platform Tumblr has held its hand up and revealed that it was used by Russian trolls to disseminate disinformation and propaganda. Tumblr says that it discovered a number of accounts that were used by Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA), and that it helped with an investigation and prosecution of numerous individuals. See also: The Google News Initiative is yet another attempt to combat fake news… [Continue Reading]

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Cortana Show Me app guides you through Windows 10's settings

If you’re not sure how to do something with Windows 10, there are plenty of guides to be found on the web. Today, however, Microsoft is launching a new app called Cortana Show Me which is designed to guide you through Windows 10 settings. SEE ALSO: Microsoft releases Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17128 to the Fast ring, and the watermark has gone! This early version lets you launch guides directly from the app homepage, but voice entry points will added later. The app is currently available in English (US and UK) and in German. There are 15 areas… [Continue Reading]

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17128 to the Fast ring, and the watermark has gone!

As we edge ever nearer to the final release of the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft is upping the rate that new builds arrive to Insiders on the Fast ring. Three days ago saw the arrival of Build 17127, and today, hot on the heels of that, comes Build 17128. SEE ALSO: Microsoft admits Windows 10 didn't overtake Windows 7 when it originally claimed As you might expect from the incremental increase in build numbers, there’s not much to report here. In fact, the only difference between the two builds is the watermark in the corner of the desktop… [Continue Reading]

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Linux Mint ditches AMD for Intel with new Mintbox Mini 2

While replacing Windows 10 with a Linux-based operating system is a fairly easy exercise, it shouldn’t be necessary. Look, if you want a computer running Linux, you should be able to buy that. Thankfully you can, as companies like System76 and Dell sell laptops and desktops with Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based operating systems. Another option? Buy a Mintbox! This is a diminutive desktop running Linux Mint — an Ubuntu-based OS. Today, the newest such variant — The Mintbox Mini 2 — makes an appearance. While the new model has several new aspects, the most significant is that the Linux Mint Team… [Continue Reading]

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Hacker Guccifer 2.0 seems to accidentally confirm links to Russia

A slip-up by notorious hacker Guccifer 2.0 -- famous for attacking the DNC servers -- appears to have confirmed what has been believed for some time: that the hacker is based in Russia. It was long-believed that Guccifer had links to Russia, but use of VPNs and other techniques made it difficult to confirm this. Now a single incident when the "lone wolf" apparently forgot to use a VPN shows the hacker using an IP address based in Moscow and linked to Russian intelligence agency -- the GRU. See also: Trump was almost ten times more popular with Russian Twitter… [Continue Reading]

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Virtual data protection officer service helps UK businesses with GDPR compliance [Q&A]

With GDPR coming into effect on 25th May, many organizations will find themselves needing to appoint a data protection officer in order to comply. But appointing full-time compliance staff can be a difficult and costly exercise. Which is why cyber security company ThinkMarble is launching a Virtual Data Protection Officer (VDPO) service. The service will offer UK businesses access to a skilled team of cyber security and risk mitigation lawyers that can act as their Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR. The lawyers will work alongside ThinkMarble's multi-disciplinary team of security analysts, incident responders and penetration testers to provide a… [Continue Reading]

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