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Consumers expect mobile devices to transform

When Microsoft says we'll be holding much more than a mere smartphone in our palms in a few years, they weren't exaggerating. A new Gemalto survey says that by 2025, consumers expect mobile devices to become much more than what they are today. They expect the mobile device to be their ID tool, maybe even their passport. They expect the device to autonomously control their home, they expect to use it as a payment tool, and as a banking device, as well. For the report, Gemalto polled 2,000 consumers in the USA, UK, France, Germany, China and Brazil. Almost half… [Continue Reading]

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Nintendo stock soars from Switch sales, GameStop gets profit boost

After years of disappointing sales, uninspired product launches, and even some doomsday predictions, Nintendo has reversed course -- evidenced no more forcefully than the 8-year high that its stock price reached by the end of this week. The company closed at 33,510 yen ($300.72) per share on Japan's Nikkei exchange. The last time Nintendo was looking at numbers like that, it was busy celebrating the way it reinvented the gaming marketplace with its motion-sensing Wii console. Over the past eight years, though, the novelty of the Wii began to wear off; its successor, the Wii U, was miserably behind its… [Continue Reading]

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Ransomware revenue rises to $1bn

A new report from Trend Micro has revealed that the use of ransomware by cyber attackers increased by 752 percent in 2016. In the last year alone, the security software company estimates that Locky, Goldeneye and other malware designed to extort a ransom from its victims earned attackers $1 billion. Although ransomware did the most damage to businesses and individuals in 2016, the threat of falling victim to this type of malicious code was maintained by the recent WannaCry attacks and by the Eternal Rocks worm that has no kill switch and continues to infect users. For those unfamiliar with… [Continue Reading]

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WorldPay wants to make it easier to take your money in VR

We've all been there. You're testing out your new virtual reality headset, exploring fantastical worlds and immersing yourself in all kinds of 360-degree awesomeness, when you suddenly stop and think to yourself, "If only there was some way I could simulate the process of taking out my credit card and tapping it to complete a purchase." Well, that will soon become possible if payment processing company WorldPay is successful in getting its new platform accepted by app and game developers. The solution, revealed in a proof-of-concept video, involves a complete recreation of one of the company's real-world retail credit card… [Continue Reading]

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UK businesses want to increase adoption of cloud services

The adoption of cloud technologies in a company is becoming a key function of many company’s technology strategy. Almost nine in ten (88 percent) of UK businesses have adopted cloud to some extent, the report says, adding that two thirds (67 percent) of users expect to increase the adoption of cloud services in the near future, according to a new report by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) CIF’s report, however, concludes that there is a discrepancy in opinions between IT decision makers and their business counterparts. Almost three quarters (73 percent) of ITDMs think cloud is being driven by their… [Continue Reading]

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WannaCry was most Americans’ first experience of ransomware

Although ransomware in some form has been around since 2005, a new survey of 5,000 US consumers reveals that for 57 percent the recent WannaCry attack was their first exposure to how it works. The study by endpoint security company Carbon Black also shows that seven out of 10 consumers would consider leaving a business if it were hit by ransomware. Financial institutions and healthcare providers are most trusted to keep data safe (70 percent), but only half (52 percent) trust retailers. This is slightly at odds with trends which show the financial services sector was the most attacked industry… [Continue Reading]

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Opera abandons iOS

I have been enjoying the Opera desktop web browser lately. In fact, the experience has been so good, that I have been using it on Windows 10, Linux, and macOS. The browser has many great features, plenty of extensions, and it is darn fast too. As an iPhone and iPad user, I thought maybe it was time to use Opera on mobile. After all, why not use the same app across all my devices? Unfortunately, after searching for Opera in the Apple App Store, I noticed something odd -- none of the company's iOS browsers (Opera Mini and Opera Coast)… [Continue Reading]

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