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Wednesday, Jan 24th

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Twitter seeks a sale decision by October 27th

Twitter's flat growth and falling profits made for a dim outlook until a few weeks ago when sources close to the social media platform said that Google, Salesforce and other tech luminaries were looking to buy it. The company's stock jumped 20 percent that day, and speculation has continued as to which would be the best buyer. But it seems time is of the essence: Twitter wants to conclude sale deliberations before October 27th, the day it reports its third quarter earnings, sources told Reuters.Tags: Industry News

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Apple’s coding academy in Italy is harder to get into than Harvard

The doors of Apple’s first-ever iOS developer academy in Italy are set to open to students tomorrow, but according to a new report, getting through the doors is harder than getting into Harvard. About 4,000 people applied to be part of the inaugural class at the development center in San Giovanni a Teduccio, a suburb of Naples. Only 200 were accepted, giving the school an acceptance rate of 5%. That’s slightly lower than Harvard’s 5.8% acceptance rate in 2016.Tags: Industry News

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A hacker turned an old Nokia phone into a smartwatch

I had an old Nokia 1100 phone laying around and wanted to find some way to reuse it, so I decided to see if I could turn it into a smartwatch. Taking it apart, it had a nice, hackable screen as well as a little vibrating motor for notifications. With help of a few resistors, I was able to get the screen working using an Arduino. Then with a bluetooth module and a little bit of code, I was able to send it phone and text notifications from my phone (as well as time and date, of course). A 3.7v rechargeable battery and a charging board was used for power.Tags: Hardware

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Samsung buys AI startup created by Siri co-cofounders

Samsung on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Viv, a next-generation artificial intelligence firm created by Siri co-founders and former Apple employees Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham. Under the terms of today's agreement, Viv will function as a separate entity from Samsung, but is contractually obliged to provide services to the Korean tech giant, according TechCrunch. Recode contradicts the report, saying all Viv employees, around 30 in total, will be assimilated into Samsung's apparatus.Tags: Industry News

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Some UK businesses don't know what ransomware is

More than one in ten (11 percent) of all UK organizations have never even heard of ransomware, Trend Micro claims. Another 20 percent don't know how the malware works. Yet, more than four fifths, or 82 percent to be exact, consider malware a threat.Tags: Industry News

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All That New Google Hardware? It’s a Trojan Horse for AI

The focus of Google’s big hardware event this week wasn’t the hardware at all. It was Assistant, the artificially intelligent digital helper that caters to your every whim and powers your every interaction. Assistant is invisible, in the design-jargon sense. The omnipresent concierge works in the background, predicting your needs, processing your requests, and offering neatly parceled answers to your questions. You never see the cogs behind it, you merely type (or speak) a command and read (or hear) tailored responses served on screen or through a speaker.Tags: Security

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NSA contractor Harold Martin secretly arrested by FBI for stealing classified material

A US federal contractor was secretly arrested by the FBI in August for allegedly stealing top secret intelligence and a hacking tool developed by the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday (5 October). Harold Thomas Martin III faces charges of theft of government property and unauthorised removal and retention of classified materials, authorities said. Federal investigators are also looking into whether the 51-year-old Booz Allen Hamilton contractor was behind the August leak of NSA hacking tools online. Tags: Security

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