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Genoans flout terror ban with bumper basil hand baggage policy

Sauce on a plane Heightened security at airports clearly doesn't apply to all liquids, at least not in Italy. An airport in Genoa is allowing flyers to travel with 500g jars of the local speciality sauce – pesto.…

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Microsoft PatchGuard flaw could let hackers plant rootkits on x64 Windows 10 boxen

Redmond shrugs, says PC would already need to be thoroughly pwned Flaws in Microsoft PatchGuard create a means for hackers to plant rootkits on Windows 10, 64-bit OS devices.…

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Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES

He'd have been aiming higher than the top of London's Shard to hit his mark A Canadian sniper has reportedly shot dead an Islamic State terrorist from the astonishing distance of 3,450 metres – more than two miles away.…

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Two Brits nabbed in connection with global plot to hack Microsoft network

Organised crime coppers cuff young men Detectives have arrested two men in the UK this morning in connection with an international "conspiracy" to break into the Microsoft network.…

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Hybrid storage newbie: It's storage Jim, but not as you know it

Data on flash or disk? Er, it's complicated, says Reduxio Reduxio, the startup that stories data in unique indexed, tagged and timestamped chunks, has introduced v3.0 software with unified primary and secondary storage.…

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Gov.UK pops open tin of AI and robotics research cash

Government opens Industrial Strategy linked funding call The UK government's long-promised Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund is open for business.…

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Flash-based and Dell-free: NetApp trots out SolidFire FlexPod

Flash? It's all flash, mate NetApp has introduced an all-flash SolidFire-based FlexPod.…

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