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Sunday, Apr 22nd

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Saturn probe Cassini hoovers up dust from distant stars

A rare haul of interstellar dust was picked up in orbit around Saturn, and could give us clues to how the solar system formed from the remnants of other stars  

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Coral reefs set to lose tolerance to bleaching as oceans warm

As ocean temperatures rise, coral reefs could lose the 'practice run' periods of milder warming that now prepare them to survive bleaching

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Trees share vital goodies through a secret underground network

For the first time we've seen mature wild trees sharing carbon via their roots, and it turns out they share a lot more than we previously thought

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Newly discovered hormone could fight type 2 diabetes and obesity

It's evaded our detection so far, but now a hormone made by fat cells, discovered in two people with abnormally low fat, could help treat diabetes and obesity

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Never-before-seen galaxy spotted orbiting the Milky Way

The Crater 2 dwarf is our galaxy's fourth biggest satellite, but its ghostly nature let it elude detection - until now

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Los Angeles launches hunt for unknown species hiding in cities

Cities worldwide hold much wildlife that is little studied, an oversight that the new campaign run by LA's Natural History Museum aims to remedy

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Wireless signal sent through meat fast enough to watch Netflix

Ultrasonic waves transmit data through soft tissue 1000 times faster than radio, which could help medical implants send and receive high-definition video

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