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Monday, Sep 23rd

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A simple experiment could help find alien life on Europa

If we found amino acids on icy moons like Europa, it could be a sign of recent biological processes

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Artificial sponges could pull uranium from seawater for nuclear power

Seawater is full of far more uranium than we can mine from the ground, and specialised sponges could let us harvest it to use in nuclear power plants

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AI recommends 'fashionable' outfits to millions of people in China

E-commerce giant Alibaba has built an algorithm for suggesting outfits to shoppers in China. It has made over 5 million recommendations so far

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The universe is 2.5 billion times less magnetic than a fridge magnet

Astronomers have calculate the magnetism of the entire universe by studying the space between galaxies, and it turns out to be very weak indeed

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Directors are using virtual reality on set to find the perfect shot

Virtual reality headsets are letting film directors walk around computer generated scenes to find the perfect angle for a shot before recording

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Instagram is attempting to crack down on misinformation about vaccines

Instagram is trying to prevent misinformation about vaccinations spreading on the app by blocking hashtags that include "verifiably false" information

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Every country worldwide is now using the most effective polio vaccine

We may be on the brink of eradicating polio at last, now that Mongolia and Zimbabwe have added the inactivated polio vaccine to routine immunisations

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