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Electronic Pump Delivers Drugs to the Brain to Stop Seizures

Electronic drug delivery tool stops seizures in mice

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Meet Martti, the Finnish Robocar That Uses 5G

A Finnish consortium is testing the real-world capabilities of 5G networks for autonomous vehicles

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Silicon Photonics Stumbles at the Last Meter

We have fiber to the home, but fiber to the processor is still a problem

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This Lens-less Camera Is Built Specially for AI and Computer Vision Programs

Engineers have developed a "see-through" camera from a pane of glass, a photodetector, and some really clever software

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U.S. Senator Bans Funding for Beerbots That Don’t Exist

Jeff Flake's "beerbot" budget amendment cuts funding for robotics research

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The Age of the Heroic Inventor Is Over

Today, business disruptors get the attention that hardware innovators used to

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AI-Human Partnerships Tackle “Fake News”

Facebook, Google, and smaller tech companies are now using machine learning to flag misinformation—but automated systems aren’t reliable enough on their own

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