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The 1961 Mobot Mark II Had All the Moves

Billed as a “Replacement for Man,” the Hughes Mobot combined strength with a delicate touch

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Nanogenerators Could Charge Your Smartphone

A new polymer provides a 20-fold increase in the power output of nanogenerators

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Video Friday: DJI Spark Drone, Google Tango, and 18-DOF Hexapod Robot

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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First Utility-Scale Microgrid in U.S. Enters Service

Almost 200 electric customers in Illinois are now part of a utility-scale test of microgrid technology, including real-time price signals

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The Most Complex 2D Microchip Yet

This molybdenum disulfide microprocessor contains more than 100 transistors

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Radio-Controlled Genes

A fish gene that responds to electromagnetic fields can be used to control mammalian cells

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From Macro to Micro: A Visual Guide to the Brain

Here’s how the brain’s 86 billion neurons do their work

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