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Saturday, Aug 18th

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DNA Nanostructures Strenghtened to Survive Harsh Environments

Enhanced durability now makes DNA nanostructures functional for in vivo applications

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“Unorthodox” AI Helps Identify Best Cancer Treatments

The self-learning model identifies drug regimens that shrink tumors while minimizing side effects

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Video Friday: Teaching a Robot to Pick Up a Knife, and More

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Lawsuits Show It Takes Two Parties to Spark IT Project Dumpster Fire

National Grid settles with Wipro; IBM and Bridgestone just walk away

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Microsoft’s Glasses Monitor Blood Pressure

Microsoft’s Glabella Project smart glasses aim to keep a figurative finger on the pulse of patients

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Custom Chips for Dummies

How to create your own system on a chip efficiently and intelligently, with help from the experts.

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Making the Case for Acoustic Modeling in Product Design

Computational Acoustics Provides Early Insight and Predictive Ability in the Design Process.

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