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Saturday, Mar 24th

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Video Friday: Robot Playdate, Big Drone, and Self-Driving Car in Snow

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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To Illustrate the Dangers of Cyberwarfare, the Army Is Turning to Sci-fi

Graphic novelettes issued by the U.S. Army Cyber Institute aim to educate soldiers about digital threats

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Maine’s New Unemployment System Frustrates the Public and State Workers Alike

Reusing Mississippi’s system doesn’t guarantee a smooth launch

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To Speed Up AI, Mix Memory and Processing

New computing architectures aim to extend artificial intelligence from the cloud to smartphones

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Video of Uber Self-Driving Car’s Fatal Crash Raises More Questions

Video footage raises questions about the accuracy of the car’s lidar and how closely it monitored its own safety driver

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5 Questions for HEMT Inventor Takashi Mimura

The 2017 Kyoto Prize winner feels his invention, the high-electron-mobility transistor, had a historical impact

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ProPublica/Mother Jones Investigation Confirms IBM Layoffs Targeted Older Workers

IBM’s layoffs have been a frustrating story to cover in recent years; ProPublica and Mother Jones take it on

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