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Intel Now Packs 100 Million Transistors in Each Square Millimeter

This week, Intel revealed more about its 10 nm technology, which it says leads the industry by years

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2017’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Infiniti QX50

The world’s first variable compression-ratio engine

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Electronic License Plates for Drones

Should drones be required to broadcast an identifying code by radio?

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Broadband Chokes for Bias Tee Applications: How to Successfully Apply a DC Bias onto an RF Line

This paper discusses the proper use of broadband chokes in bias tees and critical design considerations including frequency range, DC resistance, current requirements, products size and cost.

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2017’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Digital smarts with an old-school feel

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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocks with Facial Recognition, Iris Scanning

Just hold it in front of your face, and you’re in

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2017’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Ford Focus RS

Born for the rally race

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