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Sunday, Nov 19th

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Optimize Your Battery Management System Webcast

Are you responsible for designing efficient battery thermal management systems? Are battery temperature profiling measurements essential to you? If so, then join Keysight for this webcast.

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5G High-Speed Interconnect Design

If you want to learn about designing high-speed interconnects for 5G and Satcom applications, tune into this webinar with guest speaker Eric Gebhard of Signal Microwave.

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Stanford Algorithm Can Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than Radiologists

It took Stanford AI researchers just a month to beat radiologists at the pneumonia game

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Video Friday: Backflipping Atlas, Cozmo Lost, and MantaDroid Aquatic Robot

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Tesla Launches an Electric Semi Truck—and a New Sports Car

Ultra-efficient electric truck could revolutionize freight transport—if Tesla can deliver

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TechShop Goes Bankrupt

The for-profit makerspace company closes its doors for good

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Fundamentals of a RF Design

This paper discusses the RF design fundamentals of an RF communication system, including the transmission medium, wave propagation, free space path loss, the transmit and receive portion, link design and key components with the intent to provide practical knowledge on the process for designing an RF system.

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