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Thursday, Dec 12th

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Broadband Chokes for Bias Tee Applications

Broadband chokes for Bias Tee applications: how to successfully apply a DC bias onto an RF line

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Video Friday: This Drone Is a Flying Tray for Your Smart Home

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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Our Shared Future: Autonomous and Intelligent Systems to Advance Sustainable Development

Learn about the work that went into writing the ‘Ethically Aligned Design’ report

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Tech Expedition: East Africa’s Big Bet on Drones

IEEE Spectrum reporters traveled across East Africa with their own drones and 360 video cameras to capture new perspectives on the growing drone industry

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360 Video: Zoom Over Zanzibar With Tanzania’s Drone Startups

Come along for the ride as drones soar over the farms and schools of Tanzania

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Download for FREE: EMI step-by-step guide from Rohde & Schwarz

Be able to discover & analyze EMI in a more systematic & methodical approach to solve your problems.

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Modeling the Lithium-Ion Battery

Numerical modeling allows for better design and optimization of batteries and battery systems

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